Brew and Bite started out with one aim in mind. Delivering good coffee and food in equal measure. Often you find one or the other and we just don’t think that’s good enough.


We are a small team but have big ideas and a huge passion for all things coffee and food.  We have sourced some of the best coffee and food in Newcastle. Our cakes are handmade by the super talented Naomi at Studio 28 Patisserie and our bread by FAB bakery which we just love! 


We are a multi roasting coffee shop with a menu that will keep the everyday coffee drinker happy as well as the daring and adventurous V60 or Aeropress drinkers too. We serve 2 espressos and two filters on rotation with items such as sweet shop roast and jailbreak espresso just to name a few. 

Our owner is super hands-on and is hugely passionate about coffee and food. Having worked in this industry since the age of 15. Having dreamt of opening his own coffee shop since then, Brew and Bite will continue to express some of the great things he has learned from his time in the USA and London for many years.  

Continually evolving and improving is the main aim and at the heart of this is genuinely listening to our customers for their feedback and ideas. Nothing is off the table as that’s really all part of the fun. 

Having recently added over 40 more covers in the coffee shop, we now are a perfect little stop for anyone who would love to come and enjoy this with us.